Welcome to
Fight To Survive

A survival based PvP Minecraft server

Fight To Survive is a Hardcore Server Network featuring 2 different hardcore game modes / servers.
Our original server, Classic Hardcore, features 30 minute deathbans, sethomes, safe spawn, and custom monuemnts.
Our newest server, Extra Hardcore, features 3 day deathbans, no teleportation commands, modified OP mobs, GIANTS, and more!
On BOTH servers; PvP, raiding, and griefing are ALLOWED!
Join the server today!
Java Edition 1.17.1


  • No hacking / xray
  • No lag machines
  • No abusing glitches
  • No Doxxing
  • No spamming
  • No server advertising
  • No selling items for irl money
  • No attempting or conspiring to break rules
  • Be respectful of the server, staff, and rules
Classic Hardcore
  • 30 minute deathbans
  • 1 /sethome
  • Safe zone at spawn
  • New player prot
  • Custom monuments with custom loot
  • Combat tagging that stops people from logging out in combat or using pearl stasis
  • Warp to spawn from the end
  • World started on 5/23/2020
Extra Hardcore
  • 3 day deathbans
  • No teleportation commands
  • No safe zones
  • Mobs are modified to be stronger than normal
  • The further from spawn, the stronger the mobs
  • GIANTS and charged creepers spawn naturally throughout the world
  • Chickens can fight back!

Play now: fighttosurvive.net

More Info

Server Details Identity:
Server IP: fighttosurvive.net
Server location: Southern California
Server hosting: Dedicated machine with top of the line hardware
Server version: 1.17.1 Java Edition

Game Mechanics:
Hostile mob spawning cap:
-Classic Hardcore: ~8
-Extra Hardcore: ~14
–Explanation: When the cap is met, NATURAL SPAWNING of hostile mobs stops. This is done on a per player basis, meaning people far away from you won’t affect your spawn rates.

Hostile mob hard despawning range:
-Classic Hardcore: 64
-Extra Hardcore: 72
–Explanation: This is the range at which a hostile mob will instantly despawn, vanilla is 128.

Hostile mob LIMITS:
-Classic Hardcore: ~30
-Extra Hardcore: ~30
–Explanation: This is the hard limit, where the server will start clearing mobs. This means if you run a spawner that builds up zombies, after 30 the server will start to clear them. The exception here is Zombified Piglins, which go up to 64 before being cleared.

Passive mob LIMITS:
-Classic Hardcore: ~28
-Extra Hardcore: ~28
–Explanation: This is your cap for passive mob farms, such as cow or sheep farms. The limit is per mob, meaning your 28 sheep will not make your 28 cows get cleared.

Villager mob LIMITS:
-Classic Hardcore: ~60
-Extra Hardcore: ~60
–Explanation: This is your cap for villagers, meaning when you go above this, the server will start to clear villagers, yes they will despawn and you can potentially lose trades by violating the cap.

MOB LIMITS are per 3×3 chunk area. Not per chunk. 3×3 area. Meaning if you leave your villager breeder running in the same chunk or next to your trading hall, eventually you will have issues.